Supervised, Fun & Safe Playrooms for Dogs of All Sizes

Here at Smoky Dog Lodge, we have all the tools, certifications, and space needed to provide your dog a wonderful, fun filled day while you are away. Our team is more than qualified to care for your pet and is dog first aid certified for further comfort. Register your pet today then come visit us for your initial meet and greet! 


Walk-Ins are accepted on a first come basis, so daycare reservations are highly recommended. But we’ll always try to find a spot for you. Register or Make a Reservation

The Benefits of Doggy Daycare

Dog owners know just how much love and attention they need. Unfortunately, when we as owners have to leave for work and our beloved companion is left at home. While some dogs are perfectly fine sleeping the day away, there are many others that are in need of a little more to get them through the day until their owners return. Doggy daycare provides the perfect outlet for socialization, energy, a change of scenery and new friend opportunities. At our facility, your pup will have at least 8 hours of play time with other dogs in our care. We guarantee your dog will be content and played out by the time the day is over. Register your dog for our day care today!